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Car Parking / Airport Parking in Spain


Auto Airport Parking Ph: 96 677 2114

Airport Parking, Alicante Area

Framonmotor Carettera CV 95
Alicante Area
Costa Blanca - Alicante
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Auto Airport Parking

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Auto Airport Pricing

Parking Service fees

One Week       30.00 euros (total cost)

Two Weeks     40.00 euros (total cost)

Three Weeks  45.00 euros (total cost)

four Weeks     50.00 euros (total cost)

For these prices above we meet you at the terminal building to collect your car & deliver your vehicle personally at either Alicante or Murcia so that you can leave from one airport & arrive at the other without incuring any extra charges.

3 Months       100.00 euros (IVA Included)

6 Months       150.00 euros (IVA Included)

One Year       250.00 Euros (IVA Included)

Secure Indoor Parking. Please contact us for pricing

Our contract is 250€ and it covers both airports Murcia & Alicante & also Corvera in 2012


Parking in Alicante, Murcia Airports & Corvera (2012)

We are the only organisation that offers this unique service which covers both Murcia & Alicante airports at an afordable price of 250 euros for using both the main airports where you can leave from one and arrive at the other with no transportation charge for your vehicle, we have been offering this service since we have been established in 1991 we have over 1200 customers that regularly use this service as many of our customers use both airports as it is of great benifit in it's flexibility.

We can also confirm that we shall in 2012 be servicing the new Murcia airport at Corvera at no extra cos, it will give you greater scope in our unique service in being able to use all three main airports.

If you purchase a vehicle from our ourselves either new or used, this service will cost you 100€, this we are able to do as we are part of a main Ford dealer in Bigastro, if however you already own a vehicle then the cost is 250€ per year which VAT is included.

When arriving or departing from either airport we require 48 hours notice, either by E-mail, phone or text our contact numbers are, Landlines 966770974 or 966772114 or text on 620438609, if for any reason there is an emergency then we have dedicated numbers.

Arriving into Spain

When you arrive in Spain the car will be waiting for you at the airport car park nearest the time of your arrival, we dedicate an area where the car will be parked and can text you the number & row of where it's parked

Before parking your vehicle we clean the exterior, we also check your vehicle 24 hours prior especially the batteries and if they need charging we do so, if there are any other problems we contact you at home and advise you accordingly & if it can be repaired or replaced so long as we have your permission then we will do so.

Departing Spain

When leaving Spain you park the car in the agreed area and leave the car park ticket so that we can collect it from the car park. it's as simple as that.

We also offer you other services whilst your away we can Service the car, ITV(MOT) and any body repairs you may require, we also deal with all insurance claims for you in effect we offer you hassle free motoring as we take care of all your motoring needs whilst the car is with us.

Indoor Parking

We now offer indoor parking at 295 Euros per year Iva included.

Car parking

All vehicles are parked in a tarmac area and not on waste ground, we have over the last 20 years invested in the comfort of your car so that you are sound in the knowledge that it is clean & safe and secure.

Contact Number:

96 677 2114 Landline

96 677 0974 Landline

620438609 Mobile

616447721 Mobile

At a Glance

Phone: 96 677 2114
Mobile: 620438609
Framonmotor Carettera CV 95
Alicante Area
Costa Blanca - Alicante
Car Parking / Airport Parking



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