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Therapist Practitioner Hypnotherapist Ph: +34 965 77 45 56

Therapist Hypnotherapist & Health Practitioner, Alicante Area

Calle Castaño Los Girasoles, Sant Vicente Del Raspeig, Alicante
Alicante Area
Costa Blanca - Alicante
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~~A brief description about me and therapy:

My Company name: Healing Summit

About me: I am a Registered Therapist Practitioner, General Hypnotherapist & Health practitioner in a private practice since 2008 Based in Calle Castaño Los Girasoles,San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante

As a Person: I'm passionate about supporting people who want to lead a happier and more meaningful life, and Passionate about healing using different modalities.
As a Professional: Strong believer in body, mind, spirit and emotional balance.

My Qualifications:

Ethno-Psychologist Practitioner, EPP. (EPASA/SAEPB)
Ethno-Medicine Practitioner, D.Emed. (EPASA/SAEPB)
Certified  IMDHA, Certified Hypnotherapist: (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association USA : Qualification) 
IHLCA Holistic Life Coach : (International Holistic Life Coaching Association Certification) IMDHA
Certified in Pain Management, IMDHA
Counselling Skills  (EPASA/SAEPB)
The GHR ( General Hypnotherapy Register) of UK

I am Specialized in: Advanced Trance State Therapy, NLP, Signs & Symptoms of facial sign, Abnormal Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Counselling Skills, General Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Iridology & Sclerology, Pain Management, Past Life regression & Regression Therapies.

My working history:

I have studied and worked in a private practice since ´2008 for the following Institutes:  For Ethno-Medicine and Ethno-Psychologist Practitioner of Hepasa & Epasa of Johannesburg, South Africa since 2008
The IMDHA (International Medical  Dental Hypnotherapy Association)  of USA since 2008
The GHR ( General Hypnotherapy Register) of UK since 2017
My working hours: Monday to Friday. 09:h00 to 19:h00, Saturdays, 08:h30 to 14:h00.
My length of sessions: The first session usually lasts around an hour and a half to two hours, and subsequent sessions around an hour and a quarter.
My fees: First time consultation; € 140.00 (+-2 hours) and subsequent sessions € 70.00 (+- 1 hour) (Subjected to change)
Payment: Cash or EFT (Internet Transfers) only.

My Skype name: lcasola-cht  Outcall sessions to premisses wellcome ( outcall fees extra charge)
Please Note: Gaining permanent, positive outcomes from Hypnotherapy can take anywhere from one or two sessions to many weeks of therapy depending upon the complexity of the problem and the nature of the underlying subconscious beliefs that are causing or contributing to the problem/s.

About Hypnotherapy

Much modern day mental and emotional distress and even some physical illness can be traced to underlying anxiety, tension and stress arising out of an imbalance between our cognitive or conscious beliefs and desires, and the beliefs and desires we hold below conscious awareness in the sub-conscious mind.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive therapeutic counselling techniques with subconscious healing techniques.

The term "Hypnosis" comes from the Greek word Hypnos, meaning "sleep." Hundreds of years ago there was an attempt to change this title due to the fact that research in the subject shows that Hypnosis is not a state of sleep. Rather it is a state where the Unconscious mind is more active and receptive to Suggestions that can make lasting change. Hypnotherapists use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness, also known as a trance. A person in a deeply focused state is unusually responsive to an idea or image, but this does not mean that a hypnotist can control the person's mind and free will. On the contrary, hypnosis can actually teach people how to master their own states of awareness. By doing so they can affect their own bodily functions and psychological responses.
Hypnotherapy works on the premise that the unconscious mind is more readily capable of taking suggestions for betterment when in Hypnotic or Trance state.. What  I am trained to do, is to probe from you what images and behaviors you are trying to achieve.  Once you clarify to me the behaviors and goals and aspirations that you are striving towards, the next part is for me to induce you in to a Hypnotic Trance Reality where your conscious mind is not getting in the way and the barriers are removed. Another words I will bypass the captain and get to the crew and implant  or reawaken the Very Behaviors and Ideas that you will want to achieve in practical life right in to your Unconscious.

Inner child therapy

Definition: Inner child therapy is a form of regression therapy used by hypnotherapists and healing counsellors to help their patience resolve old childhood issues that are interfering with the advancement into maturity. Inner child work relates to getting in touch with stages of our developmental growth that were wounded or stunted due to stimuli or intensity. This type of therapy helps the adult identify the reasons why she experiences strong emotional reactions to something or someone.
Also Known As: regression therapy.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years. We actually all go into hypnosis several times a day. Have you ever got engrossed in a good film and lost track of time? Have you ever driven somewhere familiar but not been able to remember parts of the journey? That’s because you were in hypnosis. It is very comfortable, very enjoyable and with ‘intended hypnosis’ (rather than the natural hypnosis we all experience every day) changes can be made at a very powerful subconscious level. This is the level of our minds that is responsible for our emotions, all our autonomic responses such as breathing, digestion and our immune system and most of our behaviour and habits. During hypnosis we are able to change behaviour very effectively, learn new skills and respond in a more positive way.

What  to expect in your first Hypnotherapy session?

If you have never been to a Hypnotherapy session before, you are probably wondering what it would involve and what would be expected of you.
are so many different techniques and each therapist has their own favourites. Some uses very traditional approaches, where others are moving more into modern theories and techniques. Some approaches are therapist cantered where other uses client cantered approaches to tailor for each client’s specific needs and preferences.
Within your first session, You and the therapist will discuss your problems, and what you want to achieve. You will then jointly agree on the best way to move forward and the amount of sessions you will need to attend, depending on the type of problem/s you are faced with.
The therapist should also make you comfortable about hypnosis, by telling you all you need to know about hypnosis.
Some Hypnotherapists only have a pre-talk on the first session, where other Hypnotherapists might do a few suggestibility tests, a relaxation session or a resource state.
At all times you are in control and you may choose which suggestions to accept or reject
This is why you must give your consent to be hypnotized  and follow the Hypnotherapists suggestions  thoroughly in order to get the most benefit out of your hypnotherapy sessions, and the benefits are almost limitless.
Some Hypnotherapists  may give you an audio session to listen to at home as an addition, but this should only be seen as an added bonus to your appointments and even though symptoms may improve it is still advised to complete your entire program as suggested by your Hypnotherapist in order to have the best and longest lasting results.
After your first session you may already start feeling more relaxed and experience better sleep. It might take a few more sessions to get where you want to be, but after your first session you are already well on your way to reaching your goals.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Do you want to change the way you think or feel about something? Do you want to change your behaviour in some way? Whether you want to respond in a better way, feel more in control or feel free from excess anxiety, hypnotherapy can help. Maybe you want to transform your relationship with food, improve your motivation to exercise or become free from smoking or other addictions. Perhaps feeling more positive, relaxed or confident would change your life? Through hypnotherapy you can look at things in a new way, empower yourself and make positive changes in your life.
Many physical problems also have a psychological element. Maybe you have noticed that your symptoms are worse when you are stressed or worried. Perhaps you notice how much better you feel physically if you are mentally strong and positive. Maybe you need help with pain management or want to give your body the best opportunity to heal itself. We have long known about the mind/body connection and modern medical science is offering proof that thoughts and feelings can trigger measurable physical responses. Why not use this to your advantage and improve your physical wellbeing through the use of hypnosis?

Journey of the Mind

Hypnotherapy is often likened to ‘going on a journey’. This journey of the mind can enable you to move on from where you are to where you choose to be.
My clients are often surprised at how quickly they make the journey. Unlike many other therapies, hypnotherapy is brief and solution focused. Yes, it is important to assess where you are, but as a therapist I don’t believe that is enough. Our therapy focuses on making changes, taking that journey and moving forward with your life in a better way.
My clients usually require between two and four sessions to make significant and permanent changes. However, everyone is an individual so your hypnotherapy and number of sessions will be tailored to suit you. I can discuss with you in advance the number of sessions you are likely to require.

What does a Hypnotherapist do?

The old image of a man with a beard dangling a watch or a crystal in front of your eyes and taking control of your mind is just a myth made up for comic books, movies and TV.
Being hypnotised feels just like being very relaxed. The hypnotherapists will simply assist you to become so deeply relaxed that, with a little guidance, you can begin to make the changes you want to make to your automatic behaviour’s and/or emotional reactions so they become positive for you instead of negative.
Hypnotherapy can assist you to come into conscious awareness of your sub-conscious beliefs and desires and thus enables you to begin to understand and redress any imbalance between the two, resulting in reduced feelings of stress and anxiety and increased feelings of calmness and positive energy.
Hypnotherapy has been used widely and successfully for many years for the relief of a number of problems and conditions.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Well known in the community as being effective for giving up smoking and for weight management, Hypnotherapy is also powerful in many areas of life in which people experience symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and tension – some examples are listed below:
• Weight loss
• Pain management
• Stop smoking
• Fears and phobias
• Stress management
• Improved memory
• Gambling addiction
• Sporting performance
• Academic performance
• Exam nerves
• Sexual problems
• Performance anxiety
• Gaining self-confidence
• Improving motivation
• Overcoming grief
• Overcoming insomnia
• Pre-menstrual tension
• Nail biting
• Bed wetting, and any other negative ailment
• Depression
• Anxiety/Panic
• Guilt
• Anger
• Stress
• Phobias
• Trauma
• Eating disorders
• Relationships
• Addictions
• Pain Management, and more....



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Phone: +34 965 77 45 56
Mobile: +34684219487
Calle Castaño Los Girasoles, Sant Vicente Del Raspeig, Alicante
Alicante Area
Costa Blanca - Alicante
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